Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering Steve Irwin

Irwin was born in Australia, where he grew up around wild animals, including crocodiles. Irwin’s parents ran a wildlife park, which Irwin later took over and renamed the Australia Zoo. From a young age, Irwin worked with his dad to protect crocodiles from illegal hunters. They would trap the reptiles and move them to safer places. That’s how Irwin earned his nickname, the crocodile hunter.

I think really is a lost for Australia, for the animal world and for the whole world. And it’s really sad because he was a wonderful person. This is a very interesting article because is a thing that now the world is shocked with his death. But many of the world are waiting maybe for his last video or the video were he is killed by the stingray.

To see for more info go to:,6260,1531665,00.html


Blogger Augusto V. said...

I wonder why you wrote that all the world went sad... is it true?
Well I like how you wrote how the life of he started and how you finished, and well I dont know how to react about his death, how did you react?
I really like your blog... keep it up @:)

6:38 PM  

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