Sunday, September 17, 2006

The 9 of September of 2001

For me was like a normal day for school, I ate, I take a shower and everything like regular. When was around 9:30. They made an annoucement that said we have early dismissal because an accident on the U.S had happened and some teachers needed to call to U.S to know if any friend or familiar were ok. When I go to my house everybody where seeing the news. Finally it was not an accident, were terrorist attack and it was not only on the twin towers, they were 4 airplanes going to make attacks but only 3 get to there goal. The other one was stopped by the tripulant who fight against the terrorist and they where known as real heroes because the died to save other people and other dissaster. When the first airplane crashed every body thinked it was an accident but for security they evacuated the other one. But then the guards said that it was everything ok and many people get up again and the other one crashed. In the Colombian news said that their was a Colombian chef and some other friends who are still alife because instead of getting up again to the other tower they went off the place. Now they have a restaurant who makes daily ceremonies to the people dead on the 9/11/01.


Blogger Arnold P said...

It is true what you said. It is very sad what happened, it seems it had been yesterday and it as 5 years ago. This was an Al Qaeda act, it was very bad and they need to get punished.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Maria Angelica V. said...

Sergio, your comment about 9/11 was awesome and you are right about all that... It was soo sad that all those people had to die in that terrorism act, anyways congratulations111

2:45 PM  
Blogger Robe A. said...

I feel really sorry for all the people that were there and all their families and friends. It has benn the largest terrorist attack on this millenium. I really liked your post, it was very interesting. The comment that was posted before this one has a mistake it sais that sergios comment is awesome and it is sergios post.

7:42 PM  

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