Monday, September 18, 2006

Watchout for rats

The last week I read a story with the rest of the class. At first I thinked it was going to be very boring but at last it was not boring. It changed when the boat start getting to the lighthouse and everything was now better with more suspense and everythin fit. The name is Three Skeleton Key. I compare it to a story I read long ago but in Spanish. The other story was called "The Man On The Lighthouse". I compare it to 3SK because it was about a man that live on the lighthouse and one day a group of villians who attacked the man left him lost in ocean.

The differences in the story is that The Man On The Lighthouse was more suspense in many although that I dont remember too much but their is a part where the man uses his skills on ocean. He use a fishing rod to put it on one man feet and many other things that finally get him to death. I like the part were Mr. Hide told us to imagine a full tower cover with rats and the women said that it was disgusting and other things and I laughed a lot. At first more than the half of the class and me were confused with the beginning because it was very complicated. They were talking about humans in the lighthouse and they were many pictures of rats so anything fit in.


Blogger sari15 said...

Hi sergio!! I like your post but I think you need to put more details in some part of your post, But I like what yo write.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Juan David A. said...

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Blogger Juan David A. said...

Sergio when I began to read Three Skeleton Key I also thought it was boring and when the story reached the part of the boat approaching to the island I also thought that that part had much suspense and that the story was getting interesting. I also thought that the story was boring but like for magic everything started to fit in.

2:46 PM  

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