Saturday, September 23, 2006

Real Madrid vs Real Betis

Today I will talk about a team that most or all the grade now I go for. It is Real Madrid, also today they played against Real Betis. Real Madrid was playing as visitant and his last game ( beside this one) it was against Real Sociedad, Madrid won 2-0 with goals of Beckam in which he was alone with the keeper, and other was a great goal of the just arrived Reyes who make a free kick from a good distance and put it on the left of the keeper. Well today at 3:00 P.m on ESPN they put the match against Betis. Real Madrid start super good, they start with many shots and the possesion of the ball and on one of those at minute 6, Cicihno made a center to the area and Diarra also recently enter the team, he made a headshot who Toni Doblas( Betis goalkeeper) couldn't get it. Then Madrid keep attacking and on one of those a desesperated defense trying to get it out he almost scored on his net. Reyes was making a great match he make good individual dribling. Also Guti ( Gutierrez) who make very good passes and also individual. The sad part came when one of the few attacking of Betis they shot on Cicihno's leg and then he step bad and he went out of the match crying, he seemed bad. Now I know that he will be 6 months without playing. Reyes said that he prefers to lost than Cicihno injury because he didn't deserve it. But all the players agreed that the important thing is the 3 points. Something that I get furious of is when they pass the ball to Ruud Van Nistelrooy and he tried to make a tackle and he was alone with the keeper. One that I didn't see it but my father told me that Ruud Van Nistelrooy had another oportunity and he lost it but after all I think he is a great player but today he was not playing good. Raul, Beckham and Robihno didn't start playing but Beckham and Raul enter after. Well I am happy with the results and I hope
they won the classic against Athletico of Madrid next week.


Blogger miguel m said...

Sergio I think it was an excellent post because you put each detail of the match and true info. Like you make this post I think this was a cool game. I like what you said what happened to Cicinho really he doesn’t deserves to be without playing 6 months. he is a great player and he always plays fair.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Augusto V. said...

This is a very good post because you tell true details of the game, yes poor cicinho thasts really sad about him, i like this post because its all true. Nice blog keep it up!:)

3:34 PM  

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