Monday, September 25, 2006

Blogging and Education

Blogging is a new thing for me and the rest of the class. For many of us our opinion have change since were are using it. For some this was cool thing and now is boring for other was boring and now is cool. For me I think it was going to be boring and now is cool. I think it was going to be boring because we were going to be always working on school things.

But now I make post on things I like when we do free post like of Real Madrid, Twin Towers, Steve Irwin. From blogging I have learned to make post each day better and it help you to learn more about internet. Also is a easy way of learning, like when Mr. Hide put us quizzes online and things that we forgot Mr. Hide has it on his blog. Like the requirements for printing, many people forgot and they go to Mr.Hide blog.

Blog is a great technology and is fun to have your own one. It is like your own web page. We can put our opinion, facts, things that I am against of, things that I agree and many more. I hope you enjoy the blog as well as I have enjoy it.


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