Saturday, September 30, 2006

Raul Gonzalez

In this photo appears silencing the Camp Nou where he is hated.
Today I will talk about Raul Gonzalez. He is a forward of Real Madrid that he has been there for all his soccer life. He enter the club in 1992, and on his first year we has always played as titular and after more than 13 years he havent lost it. His mayor objective is to make goals but he participate in many goals other goals. It is my favorite player although now he is not doing so many goals but the last match he maked 2. I think that what he had was a bad a situation but I think he will get back to making many goals
which he has already did. On Tuesday he was the only soccer player that reach 52 goals in european competitions, he is up of Shevchenko by one goal who has 51.

For the people who like Real Madrid it will be better 7 of all and the best capitan. Recently they dont call him to play a match with the Spain soccer team and he acept it and said that he will be the best fanatic of Spain. I think Raul is a excellent person and player. The last year he suffer a hard lesson on his right knee who spend 6 months without playing. He needed 2 months more to get rythim. He is also the captain of the Spain selection.


Blogger Julian C said...

Sergio nice thinks you wrote almost all you said i am agreed and is true Raul is a good player.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Eduardo D. said...

Hi Sergio,
I think Raul is a good player in Real Madrid, even though this isn't the best team. He has been 13 years on the same team! That is really impresive, but he is now a veteran.

PS: Deportivo Tapita, jaja, it's only a joke.

2:10 PM  

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