Monday, October 02, 2006

Problems in my life

When I have a problem on my life sometimes is hard to solve them on the best way. Sometimes it is hard because you need to tell lies and make errors. When you are having a problem many people have problem controling it. Some people and me get furious. Others just ignore and some get to the violence.But always you need to search for the best way to solve it. In case is very hard to solve you may ask for help. It could be a friend or a teacher. When you are solving a problem you need to be honest although other people try to lie to get out of the problem and some times it gets worse. When I am under pressure its harder to solve it because you have a limited time or you feel trapped. Its much easier to solve a problem in the house or where you have time to reflex and you don't feel with pressure. Well when I am under pressure I try to found a fast good idea but when I am reflexing I try to found the best one.

One time my brother and me want to play Playstation 2 but each one different games. Friends of him were on my house and that gives some of pressure but not totally. After some moments of fighting I get out of my room and see TV outside. After a time I thinked I decided play with them but my brother also didn't wanted. I was furious and after more fighting finally I played with them and they left so I played my game. Then I realized that what I figthed for was very stupid and that was my mayor mistake. Really on that situation I didnt thinked what was I doing. Really I didnt say sorry to my brother but we were good like if we haved already say it. So when he came I wasnt mad with him and neither he with me. Some may think that my decision of not apologise my brother may think bad but really we were like if nothing had passed.


Blogger Suadi..... said...

Hi Sergio whats up! i really like your comment. I agree with you that is hard to solve a problem without making mistakes. I really like the way you expressed keep it up !

6:38 AM  
Blogger Daniel T. said...

This makes me think that your problem sometimes occurs with my brother, yesterday we fought for that. I found myself wondering why you didn't stay there with your brother and his friends and try to convince them. You express really well on your posts, and your blog is really cool. You should make a different type of post, not only soccer, that would make a better blog, but it is very cool.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Robe A. said...

I can relate to this many times when I do bad things (not on purpose) to my sister, but instead of the PS2, the TV or the computer. It happens to everyone that has a siter or a brother, its natural. I like your post, keep it up!

6:12 AM  

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