Saturday, October 07, 2006

lung cancer

lung cancer
On this Sunday one of this 2 participants will be eliminated, the one of the right is safe by wining the challenge yesterday.

Today I will talk about a program I and some people of my class like. It is called Desafio 2006 and you can see It on Caracol. It starts aroud 8:45 P.m. The program is about 18 people (6 rich, 6 medium class and 6 poor). The purpuse of the program is to survive ands stay on the island. Their is 3 different beaches. The worst one is down beach, they need to gather all the things they need and they sleep at a cave. The normal one is called middle beach and they have a dog that helps them to gather their food. The name of the dog is Firulay. He is a excellent hunter and to get food with him is easy. They slept at hammocks which are good and thats why is middle beach. Then the last beach is very good, it is called high beach. They have beds, they have people who make delicious food, they have showers and many comfort things.

Every week they make challenges, and with this challenges they obtain things. The first challenge of the week is the beach challenge. They compete and in the order they complete the challenge, the same way they go to each beach for 1 week. The second challenge of the week is the award and punish challenge. They compete and same thing, the same order they finish the challenge, the same order they get. One gets a award and they are very cool ones, a message from family. A trip to another city near, a day of shopping, many surprises like one time the poor won and they get laptops, cameras, Xboxs 360 and others. The group that finish second they dont get lung cancer anything not award neither punish. And the last group gets punish, one time they covered lung cancer them with many types of sauces and frogs. Other they dig a hole on the ground and they need to stay there for hours. In this challenges they choose one person from each team to compete. The other challenge is the segurity challenge, lung cancer all the group compete and the first 2 groups to end, no one of that 2 group can leave. The last one is the individual challenge, the person of the last group to end first cant be eliminated. Then on sunday between each one of that group they vote for what they think that who need to leave, the first group that ended has the right to save someone and the person who is nt saved and has the most votes, it leaves.

Then after some people eliminated they make a fusion where the middle everything was eliminated. The rich people where the ones that had to go to another group. Then it was only high beach and low beach. And only award or punish, eliminated or saved. After more eliminated the came to the last fusion, where their is only 1 group and all the challenges where individual. The first one is the millonary challenge, the one who wins get 10, 15, 20 millions. Then the rest of the week is challenge to be saved the one that dont win anything is the eliminated. Well I hope that by reading my post you start seeing Desafio 2006, It very cool.



Blogger Daniel T. said...

I wonder why you did your post about the Desafio. Maybe you did it because you like the show a lot. I didn't watch it at the beggining, but now I watch it. You say that this is a very good program and I agree with that. I liked your creativity of doing the post about it, it is a very good idea.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Juan D said...

Your writing made me form an opinion about the Desafio. At the begginig I saw it every day but now IU don´t see it very much because I don´t have time. I agree with you that this is a good program and the person I want to win this game is Alfredo because he is valiant,strong,and good with the other people.

4:55 PM  
Blogger *Vale M* said...

Sergio, like you, I also like the Desafio very much, and I watch it every night, I really liked your post!

5:18 AM  
Blogger Nora Cristina A.S said...

Sergio, I don't like el desafio but i like your pist

5:42 PM  

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