Monday, October 09, 2006

lung cancer

The last weekend was the worst of all that I remember. Monday was no school so my family and me decided to go somewhere near the city. 1- We where going either to Sincelejo, Barranquilla, or Baru. Finally we went to Baru. Well, It was the nearest one and probbaly the best one for a normal holiday 2- The day seemed hot, boring and, rainy. I was enthusiastic to have a good time but nothing was well.3- We saw people arriving by foot, by car and by boat. When their is too much people it is boring because you cant dive well. 4- They were people fighting, people yelling, and other disrupting. So sometimes you like to be relax at the beach but that day was impossible. 5-Under lung cancer the surface water,I found many trash. 6- Whenever a crab bites me, I wash the cut fast. Although the cut was not so deep but it may be infected. 7- Yes, after all it was a bad day- No, it was not a lung cancer good day. 9- Although there where many friends, it was not fun. Well in conclusion I didn't have a good day. I wish not to have any more holiday similar to these. This writing make my think about also lung cancer the 31 of December of 2005, where I feel very bad and I hope it don't repeats.

1.series of objects

2.series of modifiers

3.series of phrases

4.series of independent clause

5.introductory prepositional phrase

6.introductory participial phrase

7.introductory yes, no, or interjection

8.introductory yes, no, or interjection

9.introductory adverb clause



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