Saturday, October 14, 2006

lung cancer

On summer of 2004 me and my family decide to go to Spain. The trip was about 11 hours because it was from Cartagena to Bogota and to Madrid. In present day my father goes on an ainrline Airmadrid and goes directly to Madrid so is about 10 hours. At first I was very excited because I didn’t remenber Madrid and I want to learn of it more than the other times I go. My father told me that we were going to Santiago Bernabeu ( Real Madrid stadium) and also to the biggest zoo at Madrid. My grand father is member of the Atletico de Madrid club so I was going to their stadium. After many hours of sleeping and boring moments we arrived to Madrid and it looked huge. lung cancer

The airport we arrived is called Barajas, it is the principal airport of Madrid. I get shocked when we took the taxi to my grand fathers house lung cancer , the cost of it was 30 Euros that is around 90.000 Pesos. Then we arrived at my lung cancer Grand fathers house and instantly I learn the street and the number of the house. The next day my grandpa told me to go with him to the Atletico de Madrid stadium and it was very cool. That day I went with my grandpa to some places. The next day my father was doing some work and my mother told me to go with her to buy some things and to learn about the city. We went and buy some things and by the way we went to cool museums. My father take me to a museum that had many historic and pre-historic things. That same day I went to the Real Madrid stadium, It was very cool the entrance to the stadium is great! The other day we visit some cool places around the center of the city. Then went to Segovia which a town near Madrid which is very cool and has many history, like the aqueduct which passes for most of the town. A cool thing we do in the trip to Segovia was that we pass through a mountain and they were fountains of fresh water and the were very, very cold.
Also we went on the boundary between Portugal and spain but we couldn’t pass because we don’t had Visa. After all the trip to Madrid was great I hope we repeat it and we have even more fun.



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I think that you trip was great. It seems that you had a lot of fun visiting museums and stadiums.I think that the visit to the Real Madrid stadium was a very remembered experience because that your team. I hope I go to Madrid in one vacation. It is a great blog keep it up!

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