Monday, January 29, 2007

lung cancer

Well today, I went on the International Teen Life Project Wiki and I start looking at some questions. lung cancer
Here are some questions...
What is the climate like in your place? (Mr. Fisher's class) Well, here at Cartagena the climate is hot it changes from 30ºC to 37ºC. The city is wet but hot, on November they are constant rains.
What are the dangers in your community?(Mr. Fishers class) Cartagena is a safe place but that doesn’t mean is a perfect city. Some of the dangers Cartagena face is crime, because Cartagena suffers of poverty those people don’t have the money to make a living so they start killing and stealing. Another problem Cartagena and mainly Colombia suffers is terrorism. In Colombia there is a group of terrorist called “guerrilla”. They kill many people and attack many cities by putting bombs and other things that kill people.
What do you do to help keep your community clean? (Mr. Fishers Class)
Every house deposits a bag with trash outside of each house and everyday at a certain hour a truck passes and get it. But a bad thing about our city is that people throw too much trash to the street because they are lazy and don’t look for a trash can.
Do have a lot of doctors there?(Randy/ Mr.Fisher's class))
Well here at Cartagena they are many doctors and many good ones. We have an hospital located in front of the beach and is very good with good doctors.
What do you use for transportation?(Randy/ Mr.Fisher's class))
For transportation we use cars, buses, many motocycles and right now at the city theyare constructing road for a special bus they will put on the city. The buses will called “TransCaribe”. “Trans” are the names of the buses here at Colombia. And “Caribe” is means Caribean that is were we are located.
What do you like about your community? (Ashley H., Mr.Fishers class) (DanielB /Mr.Raisdana's class)
What I most like of the community is that I can feel free to walk around the city and there are small probabilities to be robbed. Also if I walk around the city I will stop at many of my friends’ house and all of them near by.
Are there a lot of crimes commited where you live? (April / Mr. Fisher's class)
No, totally not. They are some but not much, still the crimes they do are very strange and genius. Like most of them occur on houses that enters a strange man and they throw you a substance that makes you obey anything they say so they go with you to the bank and they take out the money.
Is there alot of traffic where you live? ('s class) Well, sometimes but is not common like now that they are some street that are being repair, traffic is being sometimes heavy but if there is anything irregular on the city, the traffic is fluid. The zone were traffic gets heavy is at “Centro” which is were Bocagrande unites with the rest of the city and because Bocagrande is the popular part of the city so is were people go.

Well I hope some of the people questions are answered and continue putting questions on the wiki so we know each other more.



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