Monday, October 23, 2006

lung cancer

"Dont turn on the light!!"I yelled .
" But, is already 10:00." My mom responed.
"Let me sleep!" I said.
She get out of the room but I couldnt get back to sleep. I saw if there was someone to chat but their was anybody. I turn off the computer and I went to have breakfast. Later on I received a phone call.
lung cancer
"Hi, David do you want to go to Campito at 4:00 to play?" Pedro asked.
" Of course, their is enough people to play?"David Asked.
"Yes I think we are 12 people with you and the will give us 2 hours and free water." Pedro responded.
lung cancer
" Well, bye see you later." David said.
" Bye."
After the phone call I started playing PS2 and then start chating with some friends so I asked them if they were going to campito and all or most of them said me yes. Now I was not bored because I was chating with some people and there were good T.V programs to see.
lung cancer

While I do all this things I was also eating chocolate and the room was very cold so the day was becaming perfect. Now I was so calm and relax that after 10 minutes I was sleeping. When I waked up It was 2:00 and I eat lunch and get back to sleep. I sleep around for 2 hours and 40 minutes. At that time a hear a voice and was my mom that was waking me up.
"Sergio, Sergio wake up you are going to be late to Campito."
" Oh yes I will get ready now."I said.
Finally I get out of my house and a car crashed near so their was traffic. I was furious because we were getting late.

Finally, I arrived 10 minutes late but fortunately they havent start they were making shots and waiting for others to come. At a moment I thinked we were not going to play but suddenly 5 people came in a group and we start playing. The other team start playing and they make goal soon . After few minutes we maked a goal and tied the game. Pedro was in my team and he was the one who maked the goal. Normally I dont make much goals because I am defense but sometimes I go with the forwards and participate in the goal. But sometimes when we dont make it so I have to go back to the defense quickly to prevent a goal. In this ocasion I maked the pass to Pedro but this time I could go back to the defense calmly. We maked many of our shots hit the posts. I said to the whole team to help in defense because the other team was attacking too much and in any moment they could make a goal. And I was right, a goal entered. I was very angry at my teammates because I warned them. Soon they make us another goal and the match was 3-1. By that time I was very angry at my teammates and I runover all the place and in one of those I prevent a goal and run over with the forwards and make another pass to Pedro but the ball hit the post.

That morning I woke up with many energy but by that time I was very tired. Now I couldnt help the forwards so I stay only on the defense. Fabio ( another friend on my team) make a goal with a pass of Pedro and that goal helped all the team because we now had the opportunity to tie or win the game. Now I was getting again energy because I drinked water and I start helping the forwards. In one of those Fabio gave me the ball in a corner and make a good goal of volley.
We were playing much better than the other team and we were animated. The game was tied 3 to 3. Enrique who was the keeper of the other team maked really good saves so he keep the match tied.

Soon me and the other defenses were yelling." Help us! Come down!"
All the other team was attacking and we defending but then one defense of our team pass the ball to Pedro fastly and they were not defense so he could make the goal easily. The other team was starting to make us fouls and we were starting to get angry.
" Hey! Stop doing fouls dont get angry!" Pedro yelled to the other team.
"No! You are cheating and also doing fouls". Juan Felipe responded.
Fouls continued and things were getting worse.

The match was 4 to 3 and we were playing better. In one of my helps to the forwards Juan Felipe make a hard foul. I get really angry because it seemed he wasnt going for the ball.
"Hey! Dont make fouls because I will make hard ones too." I told him.
" Ok do them". Juan Felipe responded.
Then when Juan Felipe was attacking I make a hard tackle but wasnt foul but he get angry.
" It was not foul" I told him.
" Ok, whatever you say. Juan Felipe yelled.
After that there were many plays like that one that we discuss. But there was one he made me that he told me
" I will not say sorry".
Ok, but nobody asked you for it". I responded.
During this many goals had passed but we were still winning but was 7 to 5. They were 10 minutes to the match end and everytime was getting better but people doing fouls more and more.

On one play that I recovered the ball and Juan Felipe maked me a foul that was totally on purpose. In this was I get really angry and yelled to him,
"What is your problem!!!". He stay quiet and continue playing. Also when he had the ball I make him a foul that was on purpose. Both get angry and we both start pushing us and were almost fighting. We were saying us bad words but finally a friend stopped us and the match ended. We keep quiet for a moment then we start analizing who had make the first fouls but finally we said sorry and we forgot all.



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