Saturday, November 11, 2006

lung cancer

Hi, today I will talk about what is the BEST sport in the world for me. I like all of it. I like to play it, I like to see it, I like to be a fan and everything related with soccer. I haved played soccer since first grade but at that age I was one of the bad ones of the grade. Same was at second grade grade but I was a little better. Then on third grade I stayed kind of equal. But since second grade I liked to see it and especially seeing the best soccer of all, seeing REAL MADRID. I have always admirate Raul " The Angel of Madrid". For me he is a good example of a captain and a soccer player. Then going back to "my" soccer, on 4th grade I get better. Then by the end of 4th grade I change a lot, I thinked different about soccer, now it was not only to have fun. Now it was to get each day lung cancer better and be a good player. And by 5th grade I reach to be a good defense. Compared to 4th grade I get a lot better. lung cancer

Before, I run all over the court looking for the ball. lung cancer On 5th grade I concentrate on one side of the court and a few people. lung cancer I think that make me get better and also feeling the passion of playing soccer. My posicion is right defense. What I best do is being defense but sometimes I also help the forwards. Finally on lung cancer 5th grade I was like between the good ones and the middle ones. I was just good. Then I pass to 6th grade were the trials for entering the soccer team. At first I didnt enter the team but I dont now why but I was not sad. Many people told me that I was capable to enter the team but that on the trials I didnt put effort. I continued training and the team was going to La Guajira but the werent enough so they called me to go and so I went. The first match I only played the last minutes and I didnt play on the posicion I was so I played bad. On the second match I feeled bad because I had throwed up but I started playing. I played very good, although I was sick that was my best match. In the half time some people congratulated me but on the second half I played bad, I dont know why but I did. The last match I didnt wanted to play it and finally I didnt play.

The trip ended and we went back to Cartagena. After the tournament I started training with the soccer team. Some tournaments passed and finally 6th grade ended. Now in 7th grade I enter the trials and I enter the team. Up to today I have played good and I think am giving my best. Something that occured me lately is that I was playing a match, I was playing very good and then a cut on a finger let me out of the game. The next day we had a final between 8 grade and 7 grade. I couldnt play, we lost by 1 goal, all 7th grade was furious. Me too because I could play all the matches of the tournament and now that was the final I couldnt play. Well and that was not all, that same day was another match but of an improtant tournament and also I couldnt go.

Another thing I like is Real Madrid were my favorites soccer players are. Reyes, Raul, Sergio Ramos which are all from Spain as me and are on Real Madrid, the team I like. Well I hope you liked my post and also I hope you enjoy soccer as you play it or see it.



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