Saturday, October 28, 2006

lung cancer

Today I will talk about the soccer team of middle school of boys. The trials to enter the team were maked on the beggining of Agust. All thhe boys that entered the team last year were sure on the team and was right because the coach put us to play less than the new ones. But we practically knew that we were going to enter and was correct. Many people are angry with the coach because he put us to run and do excercises that has something to do with running, jogging, abdominals and others. Some people say that he should put us less to run and more soccer.
lung cancer

Now we are on lung cancer Copa Moya and today Saturday 28 of October the whole team was surprise. At 9:00 A.m we lung cancer went to the school to play a match against Real Cartagena school but the teachers were playing ( including Mr. Hide). Minutes passed and the other team didnt arrived and it was 10:00 A.m and the team didnt arrive. So the coach told us that for Copa Moya he was going to divide the group into A team and B team lung cancer so we play against each other. I was on the A team and I started playing but I feeled bad and the coach get me out on the second half. But finally the A team won 1 to 0.

After the match the coach told that the A team could go but the B team had match after the one that La Salle was playing. I havent know how they ended and who they play against. Many teams were starting to arrive. The bad thing of the divide of the teams is that each team now has less people to change. So when you are tired and there is no more people to change that will be bad.

This years Binationals will be at Barranquilla but I dont know if there will be Barranquilla
games, I guess not. Last year Binationals were at Medellin but the soccer team couldnt go neither to Barranquilla. But at least we went to Albania Games, they are at El Cerrejon were a coal mine is. Matchs at 3 to 5 o'clock were very hot but at night there were cold. Also Cartagena Games that were here at Cojowa but those days they were heavy rains so the soccer field was very, very dirty but still they played like that. At Cartagena games you keep a child from La Guajira and on Albania you stay at someones house. I hope this year we could go to Binationals but I think we will.

Well I hope the team continue playing and a recommandation for the ones that arent titulars, never give up and dont think only because you dont play, it means you will never play. Last year I didnt enter the team at first but then I did my effort and they werent enough people to go to Albania games so they call me to go and after that I became titular.



Blogger Juan D said...

Hi Sergio your post reminded me when I was in the team last year and we didn´t went to Binationals. That made me very angry. Team B didn´t play another soccer game when your team left.The coach put me In team B because he wanted to prove me in another position.

PS: I hope we go to all the tournaments that we will have this year.

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