Monday, October 30, 2006

lung cancer

I think the message of the author is that don't blame others if you aren't sure, because they realized is that the most dangerous enemy is themselves. The situation became a great problem because they ended by killing people and get relations damaged. And that is why by the end their worst enemies were themselves. By blaming themselves they ended by killing Van Horn! " They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find ... And its themselves". In that sentence explains that people fight themselves. And when it says " The world is full of Maple Streets" it means that its full of people fighting themselves and blaming others. lung cancer

I think the author is correct. Although that to find its message was a little hard because it make you think a lot and you weren't sure of it. lung cancer But I agree with the message because still today people fight themselves and blame others. And still back on 1960 until today is the same. I agree totally with the author. One time there lung cancer was thief near my house so he robbed, and he went running. Then lung cancer there were a lung cancer group of people discussing about the thief, a man came and a women who said that he was the thief and like that until the police take him to the jail. I never knew if he really was the thief or what but the women said that was exactly like the one she saw so that's why they take him to jail.

Now technology and people have change a lot compared to the 60s. Now we have more electronic tools, and we know more of aliens and U.F.O. Others things will go down like Ipods, Mp3, cellphones, Gameboy, Portable computers. And today we could have scientist that identify the aliens. I think in lung cancer conclusion many things could change and people may react a different way like they may be more prepared or something like that. Like is this passes on my house I will call the ElectroCosta company. Well I think things have change a lot since 1960.



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