Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lung cancer

Hi again people. Yesterday I went with some friends to the theater. I went to see ( Blood Diamond). The movie was very good and I had a good time with my friends. But after the movie, I realized what the movie was lung cancer about. Then I saw and it was a coincidence that the movie was about terrorism and my subject of the TLP lung cancer project is also about it. Well the movie is about a war on Sierra Leona (Africa). So there is a group of people that is against the government. Those people take out kids and men to work for them. They put the kids to use weapons and the men to lung cancer work at searching diamond. The kids at first were scared but then they give them lung cancer drugs. Later when they saw their parents, they were other people they want to kill their parents and that part was sad because they show how the kids talk very hard to their parents. Then the movie focuses on a man that finds a big diamond so he put it in between his feet fingers. So later he ask to go to the bathroom and then a man check him up if he has a diamond but he doesn’t find it. He goes to the bathroom and he buried it up. Then he gets back to work and the government arrives so everyone escapes. Finally he gets to jail but a man that knows about the diamond gets him out. After they went to a complete journey to find the diamond and many people died. I won’t tell you the end because I really recommend it to see it. Find out who dies and who gets the diamond. The move is based on real events because at the end of the movie it says, that many kids do join the war as soldiers, also says how many people die yearly because of this situation of the transport of diamond. At the end of the movie it also shows many people with posters that say “Diamonds equals people dying”. And it’s the sadly truth.

Well, I think this is a very cool movie that shows the real situation. This was a very cool form to give information and learn about my topic. I will try to keep learning by these methods which are very good. I hope that I could use this to make my project. Because as well that I enjoyed the movie the other people will enjoy my project. I think I will make my project like, I dramatize the situation and at the end I will put real facts and every information that is necessary for the people to understand more the topic.

Well, I hope you see the movie and if you see it put a comment on my blog about how was the movie to you. For more information about the movie look at this page were I get some information. But you could search it on a english page.



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