Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lung cancer

Hi, Today I went looking at some news and facts about my topic, terrorism. And I saw something really interesting. It was about the Terrorism attacks of 11 of March 2004 at the trains. I think must of you remember that, were the trains were exploded by a bomb and many people died. That day I was getting out of my house and suddenly I saw the news. I get nervous because my Uncle and my grandparents live on Madrid. I was more scared about my uncle because he usually takes trains or buses to get to his job. Well, finally I went to school and that day I get late because I stayed at my house seeing the news. Then I came out of school and I get to my house so I asked my father about it. lung cancerHe said me that he called to Spain and everything was ok. I knew that and I relaxed because neither my lung cancer grandparents nor my uncle was at the train.
gold lung cancer
191 people died aand 1,824 were injured in the 11 March 2004 bombings of Madrid
commuter trains

I learned that there can be many terrorism attacks in many ways and that always they want to kill the innocents. Really, I knew about this new but when it happened I don’t focus on why, how, and who. Now that I read the new I see that they haven’t get the responsible of this. But they have 29 men that are accused to be the responsible. Tomorrow the 15 of February they will go on trial and they will put them inside a room with a glass and many judges surrounding them. I hope they found out which is the real responsible and take him to jail. I also want to investigate which will be the punishment for the men; I guess it would be hard. But according to the Spanish law, the maximum of years you could be on jail is 40. I think they should send him to a high security jail and keep them there more than 40 years. Many of the people that are accused with already many years of jail that means they are not new on this things.

I think people make this disaster is totally crazy and some of them is a pride for the religion but they make suffer many people. I also think it would be a difficult decision of the judge to choose the correct man. But I am sure that if the one who did it is not arrested, sometime at his life will be punished. I am really sad about this terrorist attack and I hope every day they are less terrorist attacks. Another thing that is very sad is the twin towers attack which hundreds of people died. This are all attacks from the terrorist all around the world that happens every day but in some places are worst than others.

In conclusion, I want to now more the major terrorist attacks and also I want to expand my subject to related drugs with terrorism. Here in Colombia is related and because those terrorist makes drugs all the Colombian people are getting a bad image because of some people. Like in movies were whenever Colombia appears it is related with drugs. I hope some day these terrorists become citizen and that Colombia improves their image.



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