Monday, February 05, 2007

lung cancer

lung cancer Teen Life Project Terrorism Terrorism is a main issue in the entire world. It affects all or most of the countries. Some countries like Iraq are the most affected by terrorism. Some countries like Switzerland have almost no terrorism. In our country we also suffer of terrorism not specially lung cancer Cartagena but in general Colombia. In Colombia there is a group of people against the government called “guerrilla”. They make attack like bombs and they kidnap people so sometimes they ask for money or they kill the person. lung cancerThe government sometimes tries to make exchanges of people that are kidnapped for the people captured by the military forces. The “guerrilla” travels in the forest, mountains and places were militaries can’t find them. The government has a plan which is that the people of the “guerrilla” give their weapons and they stop being terrorists. The government finds them work, gives them money, and they become a normal citizen. By this program many terrorist has become normal citizen and that is a great step to transform Colombia in to a safe place. Another problem related with terrorism is kids on the “guerrilla”. On Colombia and the entire world many kids that should be playing with toys or playing soccer they are having the risk of dying. On the T.V there are many commercials that appear a kid totally covered with a uniform and he is in a combat. And then he gets to a lake and there are kids playing in it. He stays still looking at the kids and suddenly a man hits him with a punch so he focuses on the combat. Other commercial appears a pair of hand writing in a computer, another hands getting crops, another ones cooking and at the end it asks “ and your hands what are doing with the country?”. Finally it appears a man shooting a weapon against the Colombian Army. This commercial are very good because it makes you think and especially if you are terrorist. Effects of terrorism Another problem Colombia faces is the effects of terrorism. Some people that live on towns that are near mountains or were terrorist are, are constantly attacked. Many times people need to move from their houses because terrorists ask for them. And If you resist you will be probably killed. But don’t think like in Cartagena we face does problems. Cartagena has none or very few attacks of terrorists, that’s why we say its safe.
Criminal lawyer In our capital, Bogota they are many terrorist attacks and many kidnaps. About 2 months ago there were some people at a park that were leaving there because the terrorist get them out of their houses. In conclusion, I think Colombia has problems like any other country and I think the only way to get rid of this terrorists is by making an agreement. Many times the president goes to talk with them but they never get to an agreement, I hope this problem is solved and although it doenst affect me. I know many people are daily affected by this people.



Blogger Juan David A. said...

Hi! I am also working on terrorism and I think you put awesome ideas of how the goverment is putting comercials to make inference on the guerrilla people. Don't forget to put some more information on how the guerrilla acts and works, remeber to give some details about that the guerrilla look like civil people and that they buy food on cities and bring them to where they are located so they could put it underground and then go and find them and consume them

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Blogger Isabella G said...

I was wondering how would it be to change my topic to terrorism. It is something very interesting. The guerrilla scares me each time more, you never know what they can do. The part of the kids in the guerrilla, it is very sad. Many kids enter the world of the danger and attacking at a short age. After they start, it is very difficult to stop from doing it. However there's a way to do it, many terrorists never want to leave that world. I hope there's a way that people start doing that and that the wish of many people come true; world peace.
;)..Isa G!

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