Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lung cancer

Panama Decisions and Punishments

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Hi people today I went reading the Google News and I saw this new about Panama, terrorism, punishments, and drugs. So in Panama they lung cancer have decided that when people injure or kill other people will punish in jail and they will have more years than it usually do. According to the law of Panama a person who do some kind of terrorist attacks will be punish from 20 to 30 years on jail. It depends on how many people did he injured or killed. And also if he gives herself to the authorities or he needed to be persecuted. Also in their laws they have changed that now people who try to damage the Panama Canal will be punished from 10 to 15 years. They also increased the years in jail if someone sexually abuses another person or traffic illegal drugs. I found this info on lung cancer

Terrorism on England.
Hi people, today I found this interesting article about Terrorism, my TLP subject. The article was about nine men that were arrested because they were planning a terrorist attacks on England. According to the police they were going to kidnap an England soldier to assassinate him and put the images of the assassination at Internet. These situations are very common around the world but according to the article this will be the first one happening on England. For the police to get this assassins are very hard so most time they can’t find them, neither the soldier nor person kidnapped. In this case the nine men were founded at Birmingham. These men were captured thanks to a group of espionage and the police of the city. They get these men by 6 months of private investigation. Most of the people killed by this type of terrorism are Muslims. I found the information on Spanish at this page

Job Kills

Its not a joke is a real situation happening in the world. Many people dying in their daily job and is not a job like military, are jobs that have nothing to see with weapons, death or anything like that. Last year at Spain, 1.338 people died in their job or going to their job. 992 people died in their job and 372 died going or getting back from job. On the 16 of January a man who was the rider of a bus was killed by his bus. People had asked that they investigate this situation because it’s not normal that a man who rides a bus is killed by going up on him. They ask authorities to investigate because someone took the bus and killed him. Maybe was an accident by him but many of these situations occurring everyday but sometimes people have luck and they continue with life. I read this article from The same day a man at Barcelona was killed by a machine that makes the road. As it looks it was another worker who didn’t see him and he passed the machine over him. In conclusion, I think people should always be careful and always think before they act.



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