Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lung cancer

Hi again, Today it was a little hard to find information for my Topic of the Teen Life Project. In fact, I was going to write about an article in Spanish but the Teen Life project is in English so I choose one in English so everyone understands. Lung cancer I read at BBC that said that on Iraq eleven civilians and one police were killed by a car bomb at the city of Ramadi. The explosion took place near a police station but only one police end dead. While this occurred the minister was trying to get a man who killed 14 police men on Friday. The US army had killed several main terrorist who were attacking their helicopters near the town of Taji, north of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad. The US army had killed 28 terrorist lung cancerat the north of Baghdad and the terrorist had had destroyed 8 helicopters in the last 6 weeks. I think these things occur everyday on Iraq and it looks that there war never end. If I lived on Iraq I will disappear of that country. Maybe they need help of another lung cancer country to get rid of all the problems. I think they should end war with US and give them petroleum in change of military or help so that finally they could end with those people who daily attack innocents and officers. lung cancer

Another attack has been on Falluja, west of the Iraq’s capital. A car bomb had exploded on a wedding of an official. Five people were killed and ten were injured. The injured were guest of the wedding. Fortunately the officer and his wife were saved but many guest that didn’t do anything to die were killed and injured. The officers of Iraq are afraid because lately the terrorists have killed a lot. The primer minister of Iraq said that he will put security to stop these attacks to the officers. And the ones who are captured will receive a bigger punishment. The officers who are captures by the terrorist are decapitated because they have found many of their bodies with no head. He promised that he will chase them. Well I think that this is very sad to suspend your wedding because a terrorist attack but fortunately the couple was safe but many guest died. That is very sad and I am with the Minister that they need to chase them because these cases should not present. I hope that they get the responsible of these things and they are carried to jail.

On spring of 2004 a man went to the airport to get his airplane to his job. A strange thing happened and some men guided him to another airplane. Finally he get to another city were he was kidnapped. Her wife waits 18 months before calling the police and then the police start an investigation. Finally the man is founded but he is dead, but the responsible are captured. I feel sad about this because all the time that woman wait and now he is dead. I think they should punish them with many years of jail. And that entire family will suffer a lot because the children, parents and many familiars that need her help and unfortunately he died.



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